Los Cedros is a private luxury development which has an area of terrain of 1 buildable acre, fenced by a perimeter wall, which has 3 buildings, a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and solarium among other advantages and features.



SERVICES | Property

– ENTRY DOORS WITH IRON independent for each house and integrated into the wall that circles the entire property.

– PERGOLA poolside lockable wrought iron surrounded by gardens and stone table (millstone).

– ACCESS ROAD TO MAIN HOUSE made with stone sidewalks and side channeling rainwater. Cedros and Oleanders on the sides as well as outdoor lighting lamps.

– POOL (11×6 m2) with salt system (no chlorine) and jacuzzi incorporated. Below are restrooms and storage.

– FRUIT TREES: lemon, plum, apricot, pear, apple, cherry, orange, peach, fig, strawberry, olive 200/250 Kg, OLIVAS YEAR (40-50 liters OIL).


– CHILDREN Playground at guest home with WOOD HOUSE.


– Luxury property with 3 INDEPENDENT HOUSES.

– ALARM SYSTEM AND CAMERA connected to security service and police.

– TERRACE, JACUZZI, SAUNA, GENERAL HEATING, gas-oil system, fireplace.

– SERVICE ROOM, double, with separate bathroom and fully furnished.



– ROOM with HEATING AND HOT WATER amenities.

– CELLAR, carved out of ROCK.




The begurense coast offers a coastline of outstanding beauty, where the cliffs, pine trees, hidden coves with crystal clear waters and rugged coastline, make this area the highest expression of the Costa Brava. Begur has eight bays and beaches to the north, east and south of town, full of features and varied beauty.

The first beach from the north, is the Racó Beach, found near the neighboring town of Pals. It is the widest beach of Begur and offers a beautiful view of the Medes Islands.

Following the coast in south-west is the cove of Illa Roja, internationally renowned nudist beach. This beautiful beach, one of the most emblematic of begurenses coast is characterized by being dominated by a rocky islet of a reddish color that gives its name to the cove.

Also in the north of the village, we find the beach of Sa Riera, one of the largest of Begur and the nearest village with an excellent geographical location, because the right has the sheltered cove des Port des Pi, and to the left, the Rey cove. Sa Riera, which gets its name from a stream that divides the beach into two halves, retains its traditional character while offering various sports activities and tourism services.

Located east of the village, the Aiguafreda cove, small cove sheltered by Mount Rodo. We found a small dock for boats and a pleasant picnic area. The next cove is Sa Tuna, characteristic for its sheltered location, access and tortuous. This cove offers a nice swim in clear waters and quiet walks along the coastal path.

In the southern part of the coast of Begur we found the singular Playa Fonda, located at the foot of the imposing Cap de Begur. This natural hideaway, with a thick and dark sand, has managed to remain untouched and retain a primitive purity rarely found elsewhere in the Costa Brava. We find, also in the south the, Fornells coves, where, according to tradition, this coastline was baptized, one hundred years ago, with the familiar name “Costa Brava”. The walkway serves as a link to reach all the small coves that form the core of Fornells: n’Estasia Creek, Ses Orats, Cala d’en Malaret and the Port of Esclanyà. These creeks have a shared characteristic that the sand is not very fine, but you can sunbathe, water is very clear.

The last beach belonging to Begur, located south of Fornells, is the cozy Aiguablava beach, feature for its clear and shallow waters, and its fine white sand.


In Begur, cuisine reflects the richness of an open area of the Mediterranean where all kind of fish and seafood, complemented by an inner region that produces magnificent and varied fruits and vegetables, and also premium meats.

Quite a number of restaurants with classical or modern kitchen, the backing of a great traditional cuisine and seafood which still remains in many houses, rice dishes, the “sea and mountain” and “dishes”, and supply and quality of seasonal products that the village and the region itself generated, have helped to provide ampurdanesa international fame cuisine.

Both in the village of Begur and its beaches and coves, we find a variety of restaurants offering all types of cuisine.

Moreover, among the many attractions that the village of Begur, we can make special mention of the rocky coastline, and in this piece of rockery of such beauty lives the rockfish, considered one of the tastiest, and better quality, market. Thus, the most traditional gastronomic element Begur is certainly rockfish, and it´s Gastronomic Campaign which takes place each spring. During that time, the different restaurants that collaborate in the campaign offer, the letter of its establishments, the option to enjoy a special menu consisting of dishes based rock fish with a variety of recipes and a wide range of prices. 

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